Why should Ronaldo think about moving to another club? We understand

Cristiano Ronaldo is a legend of world football. From his technique, skill and diligence throws in the heat, and a huge number of top clubs dream of such a player to represent their team in the football arena.

However, most often the dreams of the owners are shattered as soon as they return to reality and understand what salary such a player needs.

Ronaldo’s uniqueness is that he can choose the club he wants. Because usually like: the club targets the player, there is a transfer and all. The footballer is simply told that you will probably play there.

Ronaldo often chooses from the proposals that he has to either move or stay.

In short, Ronaldo is a very influential footballer and will attract to his side both society and teammates. And I want to say that it is deserved. It’s hard not to admire a person who comes to the team in order to restore its greatness and continue to fight for trophies and enter the top.

It is impossible not to admire a man who has achieved such success at the age of 37. And even more emphasizes Ronaldo as a high-class footballer his return to training two days after the great tragedy in the family.

An object to follow!

But this is exactly the problem for the new Red Devils coach.

Ronaldo will be 37.5 years old at the start of the new season. If he didn’t look good for his age, if he didn’t play well, even his body is not eternal and can no longer withstand the load, namely a few tournaments every new week.

And let’s be honest with ourselves.

Cristiano is no longer the player around whom you can build a new long-term project or tactic.

So, in the Gaga ten in “Ajax” there was Dusan Tadic, who crossed the mark of 30 (specifically 33) and he does not approach the mark of 40 years. Tadic is a player of another format. But this does not guarantee that at 37 he will play as professionally as Ronaldo now.

The problem is that the current top-level Christian is effective in only one system. Where he will be the center of everything, and the team will play from him and to him. Then Ronaldo’s superpower is activated, which is able to win matches alone. And Cristiano is extremely cool at it.

However, Ten Gaga does not need Superman. He needs to build an Iron Man costume from (dubious) details. One that is activated at the right time and becomes one mechanism – an effective machine for attack and defense.

In general, first of all, the new coach of the devils needs to build a TEAM !!!

The only option is if Cristiano agrees to play less. It will be a kind of motivator: to charge the locker room, go out against outsiders and at the end of the games. Without irony, the story can turn out good.

However, such a role is unlikely to suit the football legend, especially the year of the World Cup. And even if so, the presence of a figure of this scale will put pressure on ten Gaga. His conscience will not allow him to keep such a star on the bench. And he will already have enough external stimuli and criticism.

In my opinion, Cristiano Ronaldo should think about a transfer to another club. It’s just a moment in his career when it’s coming to an end and he has to figure it out for himself. That is why, if Ronaldo wants to take the trophies at the peak of his football history, he should move to a club that will be able to do so in the coming years. Just if you think so, Man United is now facing a major restructuring. We need to build everything from scratch, in fact. This is no longer the club it used to be and it takes a long time to change everything. We must all accept and understand this and not expect a huge breakthrough from Man United.

Probably the ideal option would be to move to Bavaria. Ronaldo took the Champions League in both the English and Italian championships, and in general he played in all the tops. In fact, it remains to take the trophies in Germany. It would be interesting to look at it.

But, according to rumors, Ronaldo is not going to leave Manchester United.